Short Story Release: “Her Data Like Fingerprints”

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So, on Monday Issue 022 of Luna Station Quarterly came out. This is exciting for lots of reasons, but especially exciting for us because my short story, “Her Data Like Fingerprints,” is included in this issue! It’s my first short story publication, and I’m majorly excited to be included with all of these awesome writers. 😀


In “Her Data Like Fingerprints,” Mary confronts the now-malfunctioning AI that her parents built — angry that it stole her dying father’s attention when she was a child, and embittered that she might be the only person who can save it.

The June 2015 issue of Luna Station Quarterly is available for free on their website (along with all of their other issues!). You can support the magazine by getting it in print from Createspace or Amazon, on the Kindle, or in other eBook formats. I highly recommend it. (Obviously. :D)

Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 022, June 2015

Cover art by Erin Demoss

I started working on the base idea of the story back in January — then called “Anna and the AI.” I’d been listening to the Writing Excuses episode 9.4, “Artificial Intelligence with Nancy Fulda.” It started out with the idea of, “Man, I bet companies would be a lot more eager to save a dying AI than they would a dying human. An AI would be rare.” Since I was at work, I ran it by my boss at the time, who thought it sounded interesting. Once I had a complete draft my writer friends looked it over to tell me if it was workable, and now here we are. <3

(Look, I’ve been trying to play it cool about this for, um, months — but seriously, I’m not cool. I’m ecstatic. Don’t let my deadpan in public tell you otherwise.)

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