Writing Progress & Data: March 2016

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This is a big post, everyone! It’s full of big news, as long as you aren’t looking for big writing news!

What I Wrote in March

Let’s just rip that band-aid off: I still haven’t finished The Witch-mother’s Coven like I keep thinking I’m going to. I don’t even want to say that I’m going to finish it in April now, not because I can’t, but because I swear I’m starting to jinx it.

While I didn’t finish The Witch-mother’s Coven, I did write a little over 8700 words, though I only wrote or edited on nine days this month. So, we’re up from February in  both frequency and word count. I feel good about that.

More than half of what I wrote was my short story for The Confabulator Cafe; that’s going to post in a few weeks, and I really like it. The tone and style are both a bit atypical for me, but I’m pleased with where it went and how it fits the prompt. The setting is also fun. I’ll post about that once it goes up.

Life Things

Did you know that everyone in the whole world was born in March? This list includes my son, my ex-husband, my dead father, my living father, my ex-mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and about fifteen of my friends. Also, at least two kids from my son’s class have had birthday parties in the last two weeks.

What I’m getting at here is that March was busy. It’s winding down here a bit, once we get past this week. I’ve finished all of my promised beta reads, and just have to send one more email on them before that’s off the table entirely. We’re going to spend the weekend on the road to visit my sister and then take her with us to visit my family in Lincoln. Also, it’s Wrestlemania time on Sunday, which is sort of a big deal when your fiancé writes about wrestling in his spare time.

Oh also fuck yeah we’re getting married this year! 

I promised you in February that my distraction from writing was for two super exciting reasons, and this is my favorite one of the two.


We announced this on March 18th, but we had decided to get married back in February, quite by accident because were laying in bed one night, talking about the future, and it just sort of happened that we decided that we were going to get married this summer, not next summer, on our second anniversary.

He proposed for reals, like, a month later. By then we already had a binder full of planning, had hired a photographer, and had booked the pavilion for have the reception in. So, y’know. Life is weird like that.

We also learned that we’re not very good at taking photos together. It was so awkward. We got some very cute ones, but none that were, like, LOOK AT US TOGETHER WE’RE ENGAGED because in most of them you can see his face, but not mine.

Also, I’d like to add that if I could count everything written in the wedding planning Google Doc I created in February, my word count would have been 4,000 words higher. (That’s an estimate. The document is actually 4,600 words, but I didn’t write all of it, and some of it was written in March.)

Also, my guest list spreadsheet is a thing of beauty. I have embraced the art of the spreadsheet in a much more advanced and exciting way this year.

I’m going back to school in the fall. 

This is the second of the exciting, distracting things. After years of thinking about it, deciding it wasn’t practical, almost doing it anyway, getting a full-time job instead, and waffling about what direction to point my future in, I decided to finally go back to school to complete a two-year technical program for computer and network repair. I’m excited, but it’s going to throw a huge wrench in my writing time and the goals I’ve set.

So basically: I’ll be planning a fairly hands-on, DIY wedding until the end of July, and then going back to school mid-August. It is safe to say that my attention is a bit divided this year.

Writing Goals: April 2016

While I’m not opting to outright cull anything from my yearly goal list at this time, I do not know that it’s realistic to deal with all of the above, and have three completed first drafts and a round of edits on a novel by the end of the year. But damn it, I’m gonna try anyway. I’m a bit behind par for where I ought to be to hit 160,000 words written in 2016, but I’ve written more than 31,000 words, so I’m happy with that progress.

Look, I’m not going to say I’ll finish it, because history is not on my side there. But I’m going to keep working on The Witch-mother’s Coven. I may even set a moderate goal and do it for Camp NaNoWriMo, because I’m a sucker for anything branded NaNoWriMo.

If I run out of things to write on that story, I’ll switch over to Seven Sisters for a bit. Having been really lucky with the plotting and writing of Coven, I may opt to restructure my synopsis a touch before I continue forward with that story. But we’ll see. It’s honestly been so long since I’ve worked on it — about six months — that I need to reread it and remember where I was. It’s a huge mood shift from Coven, though it touches on some similar themes. (Finding one’s space and hanging out with other cool chicks, but in a space monarchy instead of 1914 NYC. Also, no magic.)

I’ve been remiss in blog posts, so I will say that I want to post about the following next month:

  • A piece about how all of my main characters became women over the past few years
  • Bitches Baking: A Cautionary Tale About Making Frosting
  • A piece about my newly discovered obsession with switching my handwriting to cursive
  • “The Definitive List of Women I’d Leave My Fiance For,” which is actually already written because that’s how I meant to announce the engagement — but I got super excited about doing it the boring way instead. It’s basically a post of me fawning.

Here’s hoping you see a bit more of me in April.

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