About Ashley M. Hill

Ashley M. Hill, 2017I’m Ashley: former military brat, mom, and Kansas resident. I work in e-commerce as a day-job, attend school on the side in an attempt to get a foot in the door of tech support, and work on fiction when I find the time. You can read some of my fiction right now on the world wide web!

I mostly write science-fiction that focuses on how technology impacts people and their relationships. I occasionally dabble in other genres.

I have the two children with a grand total of three parents — an older son from a previous marriage and a daughter (pending arrival in January 2018). I’m married to another writer.

My interests include feminism, parenting, the social intersection of technology and humanity, pretending not to give a shit about things while actually giving a lot of shits about things, otters, and music. I swear too much.

I’m self-conscious, though less-so than I used to be. I get extremely anxious sometimes, but not as much as I used to. I like to think I’m a little bit clever.


  • I like your words…. For lack of better words to describe my feelings and yet still portray that I am not a Bot.
    <3 Constance

    PS found you bc of your Baking Bitches…. I wish you had more posts there. but I also totally understand not getting back to things… I do it a lot. And it looks like you have a ton of things going on in the way of writing projects.

    I don't know why I feel so inclined to continue writing. Ok I'm going to stop.

    (Insert thumbs up here)

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you for your comment! 😀 I have way too many writing projects, honestly, lol.

      I always mean to do more “Bitches Baking” posts; cooking is one of those things that had fallen by the wayside A LOT in the last year. The good news is, I have to make cupcakes for a party soon, so I have that coming. 😀