Read My (Fiction) Writing

Good news! A lot of my fiction is online! You can read the following short stories online right now, for free.

Published Work

The stories included below were published by people I don’t know at all, who then opted to trade me words for money.

Title Source Genre Date
All the Parted Pieces of a Heart Empyreome Sci-fi April 2017
Her Data Like Fingerprints Luna Station Quarterly Sci-fi June 2015

For The Confabulator Cafe

Our local writers’ group publishes short fiction based on a monthly theme; head by our very dear Sara Lundberg Campbell, it features many of my favorite people who are writers. (Up to and including my husband.) Stories go up weekly, at least one and sometimes two. I recommend it.

The stories included below are some of my favorites. Some are older than others, and that will very likely show in the writing. Some are also more personal than others. You can go ahead and guess at those.

Title Genre Date
The Monster Next Door Humor/Urban Fantasy May 2016
Shiloh Sci-fi April 2016
The Workers’ Tower Sci-fi January 2016
The Queen’s Skin Sci-fi June 2015
The Waves Greet Us Home Drama January 2013
Donation Sci-fi May 2013
The Dock Worker Sci-fi May 2012