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A Retrospective on 2016

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The year is coming to a close, and I — like everyone you know — am taking the time to review it. Obviously, this is my favorite thing that happened: I did a lot, though. My husband and I moved in together and got married all in the same month. I changed positions at work, […]

State of the Blog – 2016

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When I wrote about my goals for 2016 and wrapped up how 2015 went for me, I said I’d come back to the topic of the blog. This is that moment. I struggle with trying to strike a tone on this blog. I know what sort of online presence I¬†want to have: one that sounds […]

Short Story Release: “Her Data Like Fingerprints”

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Brace yourself: there are A LOT of links in this post. So, on Monday Issue 022 of Luna Station Quarterly came out. This is exciting for lots of reasons, but¬†especially exciting for us because my short story, “Her Data Like Fingerprints,” is included in this issue! It’s my first short story publication, and I’m majorly […]