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About Ashley M. Hill

Image of Ashley M. HillI'm Ashley: former military brat, unabashed feminist, and cheerfully weird. I work in IT support and write fiction that tends to focus on human relationships and how they change, evolve, and adapt to circumstances. Usually I write sci-fi wherein technology plays a role in those changes, but not always. You can read some of my fiction right now on the world wide web!

Once upon a time I wrote a crap-ton of fanfiction. If you hung around the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom circa 2003 - 2006, there's a decent chance we crossed paths. (Especially if you were on LiveJournal!) I quit for a while, both because I had this impression I had to in order to be a “serious” writer, and because as I got older, I had a harder and harder time maintaining both an in-real-life and online life. Later, circa 2010 - 2012, I spent a lot of time writing Supernatural fanfiction when I moved to a new city and had less of a social life to tend to. Once again, it fell by the wayside when I had more real-life matters and less time to devote to a fandom.

Even though I have no time for it these days, I'm still extremely pro-fanfiction. It taught me a ton about storytelling and writing, and the experience of being a writer in control of my own work — and of being able to simply enjoy sharing stories — influences how I choose to share my original fiction now.

My work tends to be influenced by, though not directly about my mental health and experience of it. Like everyone, my joys and traumas are a part of who I am, and my mental health had additionally impacted how I have parsed those events in my life. I have anxiety and ADHD, and the experience of living in a world where one can't quite interact with it as people expect you to is a frequent theme in the stories I tell.

I have the two children with a grand total of three parents. The experience of being a parent — the terror, the melancholy, the ache of love, and the absurd bliss of raising children and being part of a family — influences my work as heavily as my experience of my mental health.

I'm married to another writer, who mostly writes fantasy and action stories, blog posts, and essays on wrestling.

Signature for Ashley M. HillI hope you find something you enjoy here, and that I can entertain you for a bit today, and if I'm lucky, again someday in the future.