Ashley M. Hill


I love to tackle non-fiction topics, especially ones about pop culture and social issues. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I’m an infrequent blogger at best, and an utterly absent one at worst. Nonetheless, I have a couple of blogs that I endeavour to update sometimes, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Performance & Pageantry

“Performance & Pageantry” is where I talk about women in wrestling — what they wear, how they’re presented to the audience, and how this combination plays out. Here’s a larger explanation on why I find the topic of womens’ wrestling so interesting.

When I started this project it was a weekly blog, but a combination of that being too aggressive for my schedule, ADHD-fueled tunnel vision on finishing the version of Gramarye Writer I was in, and lack of post-Mania enthuasism has left P&P sorely neglected. I intend to bring the project back on a bi-weekly schedule in the autumn of 2019.


“Noise” is a more personal blog, which I use as an outlet for thoughts I’ve had that are just a hair too long for a tweet thread. (Which is a format I find it a lot easier to express myself in, for whatever reason.) Sometimes the posts are about my personal life, and other times they’re a bit broader.

There is no update schedule for this blog. It happens when it happens.