Ashley M. Hill


Short Stories

These stories are being shared for the first time on this website. View more license information below.

Title Length Genre Date
Inhale Before the Wave Crashes 5,030 words Sci-fi 2017
The Chasm Beneath 4,080 words Speculative 2017

Published Work

The stories included below were published on external sites. Each story links to the location where you can read that story.

Title Source Length Genre Date
All the Parted Pieces of a Heart Empyreome 6,800 words Sci-fi April 2017
Her Data Like Fingerprints Luna Station Quarterly 3,400 words Sci-fi June 2015

For The Confabulator Cafe

For several years our local writers’ group published short fiction based on a monthly theme. Managed by our very dear Sara Lundberg Campbell, it features many of my favorite people who are writers. (Up to and including my husband.)

Title Genre Length Date
The Monster Next Door Humor/Urban Fantasy 2,900 words May 2016
Shiloh Sci-fi 4,340 words April 2016
The Workers’ Tower Sci-fi 1,560 words January 2016
The Queen’s Skin Sci-fi 2,140 words June 2015
The Waves Greet Us Home Drama, Fairy Tale Retelling 4,220 words January 2013
Donation Sci-fi 670 words May 2013

License Information

Creative Commons License ImageFiction published to this site — anything posted without an external source — is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Work is published under “Ashley M. Hill,” which is the writing psuedonym for Ashley Baker.

This is a fancy way to say: if the mood for fanfic strikes you, write it and share it! Please don’t profit off something specifically derivative. Please do direct people to what inspired you.

That said, I also know there’s a world of difference between fanfic and “got inspired by something else, created something new,” and by all means — if you get inspired and create something beautiful and unique, do you. Get paid, share it, and live your best creative life. I trust you to handle yourself and your work responsibly.