Ashley M. Hill

Non-Writing Projects

In addition to writing, I have an interest in web development that I like to put to work at times. A full portfolio of my various projects is available on my personal site — but there are a few I'd like to highlight here.

Gramarye Writer

Gramarye Writer is a browser-based writing app that allows for scene delineation, export of projects, and Dropbox management of files. The idea was to create something OS-agnostic that allowed for a bit more customization and options than a lot of browser-based tools.

Screenshot of Gramarye Writer


Sprinter is like Gramarye Writer’s little sister — it was in many ways a proof of concept that I had learned enough to be able to give making Gramarye Writer a real go.

Designed specifically for NaNoWriMo, it allows users to fill in sprint information. During the month of November, users can also fill in their NaNoWriMo username and update their word count directly from Sprinter.

Screenshot of Sprinter

LFK Stats Page

The LFK Stats Page is a project that uses the NaNoWriMo API — making it the first thing I’d built that incorporated one — that not only kept track of our stats during the month of November, but also:

It was a lot of fun to build, and shockingly I did manage to hit 50K on the novel I was working on that year.

Screenshot of the LFK Stats Page